Attorney General Rowe Seeks to Stop Tobacco Company From Using Cartoons in Promotions

December 4, 2007

Today, Attorney General Steve Rowe filed a motion to enforce the Maine Courts Consent Decree against R.J. Reynolds (RJR). RJR recently ran an advertisement in Rolling Stone Magazine?s 40th Anniversary edition, dated November 15, 2007, the content of which violated the Consent Decree dated December 3, 1998.? The Attorney General is seeking to permanently enjoin RJR from using cartoons in the advertisement or promotion of tobacco products.?

?The consent decree between the State and tobacco companies specifically prohibits the use of cartoons in tobacco promotions. RJR?s conduct here is a blatant violation of the Consent Decree.? Rowe said. ?Maine will not tolerate the marketing of tobacco products to children?.?

The Attorney General?s motion alleges that R.J. Reynolds Camel? The Farm advertisement and promotion violates the ban on cartoons in two ways. First, the advertisement itself contains cartoon images. Second, the advertisement is inextricably wrapped around and intertwined with a five-page Special Foldout drawn entirely in the cartoon style.? Both the R.J. Reynolds advertisement and the Special Foldout have the same content and focus: independent rock music.?

?In Maine we have made great strides in reducing the number of children who take up smoking.? Rowe stated. ?The elimination of tobacco ads targeting kids has certainly helped with this effort.?

David Loughran, Special Assistant to the Attorney General, (207) 626-8577