Throumoulos Sentenced to Jail Time, Probation

September 24, 2007

York County Superior Court Justice Paul Fritzsche sentenced Peter Throumoulos to four years in jail with all but 60 days suspended and three years probation. In August, a jury found him guilty of stealing $18,000 from the Maine Clean Elections Fund in connection with his 2004 state Senate race, and of attempting to steal a similar amount during his 2006 state Senate race. Jurors also found him guilty of three counts of aggravated forgery.

Other conditions of the sentence include; a prohibition on possessing or circulating Maine Clean Election Petitions or related documents, an order to pay restitution of $35 a month for the 36 months of probation, and a requirement to continue to engage in psychiatric counseling. 

Throumoulos has filed an appeal, and his jail sentence was stayed pending appeal, although probation will begin immediately.

David Loughran, Special Assistant to the Attorney General, (207) 626-8577