Maine Civil Rights Team Project Launches First Annual Day of Welcome

October 24, 2019

AUGUSTA - On Friday, October 25, civil rights teams from across Maine will participate in a Day of Welcome to celebrate and promote the idea that school communities are for everyone and all the parts of their identities protected under the Maine Civil Rights Act: race and skin color, national origin and ancestry, religion, disabilities, gender (including gender identity and expression), and sexual orientation. The event is sponsored by the Maine Office of the Attorney General through the Civil Rights Team Project (CRTP).

"The Day of Welcome is an important opportunity for us to ensure that all Maine students are included and welcomed in Maine schools," said Attorney General Aaron M. Frey. Civil Rights Teams play an important role in engaging our school communities in thinking and talking about issues which relate to the Maine Civil Rights Act. The work of these teams is premised on the belief that our communities and our state are stronger when all are welcome. I encourage all Maine students, families, and all members of our school communities to participate in this Day of Welcome and to work with Civil Rights Teams in their schools. I also encourage members of school communities without a Civil Rights Team to reach out to my office to learn how they can help grow this important program.

The CRTP is a school-based program that supports student civil rights teams, who engage their school communities in thinking and talking about the six protected categories under the Maine Civil Rights Act. Now in its 24th year, it is available to all Maine schools, grades 3 and up, at no cost. There are currently more than 175 schools participating.

As part of the Day of Welcome, all participating teams will create an inclusive welcoming message in their schools.

To honor the day, Governor Janet T. Mills has sent a letter to participating teams.


Supporting documents

A sample of planned civil rights team activities at various schools

Letter from Governor Mills