Fiscal Year 2010 Annual Report of the Maine Attorney General's Office

November 30, 2010


I am pleased to present the Fiscal Year 2010 Annual Report of the Maine Attorney General's Office. ??

While our State is reeling from a recession of national proportions, while Maine people continue to ?lose their jobs, their hopes, their homes and their dreams, through no fault of their own, this Office has reduced General Fund expenditures, consolidated positions and streamlined functions. ?

We persuaded the federal court to terminate the 35-year long litigation in the Pineland case, saving millions in future court costs. We began a systematic review of all major state contracts, reducing financial risks to the State. We hired a dedicated welfare fraud prosecutor to ferret out abuse of our public benefits programs by recipients, while also pursuing provider fraud, recouping $7.6 million in Medicaid funds. ?

We beefed up the Computer Crimes Unit with a new prosecutor to focus on child pornography and to address the newest form of dangerous domestic violence: high tech stalking. ??

With the help of our Drug Prosecution Coordinator and the Chief Medical Examiner, I have made it a priority of this Office to address the epidemic of prescription drug abuse and diversion?the number one cause of crime in this State and the cause of more deaths than car crashes. ?We have spent hundreds of hours addressing the concerns of those facing foreclosure, helping elderly citizens who are victims of scams and resolving disputes between small businesses and consumers. ?

In all this, it has been a privilege for me ?to work with a highly professional team of attorneys, staff and volunteers to make sure that our government works effectively for the people. ? ? ?

Janet T. Mills
Attorney General?

Fiscal Year 2010 Annual Report (PDF)