State settles with Cloud-E-Daze over retail tobacco sale violations

April 24, 2019

AUGUSTA - Attorney General Aaron Frey has taken action against Cloud-E-Daze, a Maine Limited Liability Company doing business as an online vaping retailer. Cloud-E-Daze sold vaping products online unaware that under Maine law vaping products fall within the definition of tobacco products. In Maine tobacco products, including vaping products that contain nicotine, cannot be sold online, rather they must be sold in a face to face transaction. Cloud-E-Daze settled the Attorney General's concerns by taking down its web page and paying a $2,000 fine.

The complaint and consent decree were filed in the Sixth District Court, Knox Division in Rockland.

"Vaping is very popular with teenagers and often leads to addiction and a lifetime of smoking," said Frey. "We are hearing from teachers and parents from all areas of Maine that vaping is rampant with teens. My office will continue to work hard to prevent youth access to smoking materials of any kind."

Attorney General Frey also commended Amber Desrosiers, the Office of the Attorney General's Tobacco Enforcement Coordinator, for her work on this case.