Statement of Attorney General Aaron Frey on Lewiston Shootings

October 26, 2023


Contact: Danna Hayes




Statement of Attorney General Aaron M. Frey on Shootings in Lewiston


My heart continues to ache for the loss of life and infliction of harm perpetrated on the people of Lewiston last night. As citizens across this state mourn the tragic and senseless events that occurred almost 24 hours ago, it is important to give law enforcement the space it requires to conduct its work in this continuing and developing situation. This includes abiding by all orders to shelter in place and keeping law enforcement informed of suspicious activity. Our public safety and law enforcement officials are working tirelessly to follow leads and gather information in order to apprehend the suspect, and our collective support in these ways is crucial.


I have every confidence that the talented professionals leading this manhunt and ongoing investigation are bringing all assets to bear to locate the suspect and to reconstruct the events surrounding his actions. Those efforts are multiplied by a range of local, state and federal partners who are collaborating with forces in Lewiston and surrounding areas. The Office of the Attorney General stands behind this intensive effort and is prepared to vigorously prosecute these heinous acts of violence. At the same time, my office will devote its considerable expertise and talent to facilitate support for those affected by the shootings and provide guidance and resources to the victims’ loved ones.