Attorney General warns consumers about fraudulent Medicare calls

February 22, 2019

AUGUSTA - Attorney General Aaron Frey is warning consumers about recent reports of calls from individuals claiming to represent Medicare.

There are reports from Maine Medicare recipients who have received phone calls claiming to be from Medicare. The callers pretend to be from Medicare and try to get individuals' Social Security numbers, the name of their financial institution and their financial routing and account numbers or ask for money directly.

Medicare consumers who provide this information are advised to review their Medicare statements carefully for the next year and contact 1-800-MEDICARE immediately if anything questionable appears on their statements. Consumers should also notify their financial institution if their account information has been compromised.

"Mainers may best protect themselves by never providing any personal information in response to unsolicited requests," said Frey. "The new distribution of Medicare cards is seen as an opportunity for scammers to scare Maine seniors into giving over personal information."

If you think you have experienced a Medicare scam, contact the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Hotline at (207) 626-8849 or