Preventing Prescription Drug Misuse;
Protecting Maine


The Attorney General supports a comprehensive approach to battling the complex problem of prescription drug misuse. The resources listed below have been compiled by members of the Maine Prescription Drug Task Force and are intended to provide useful information for consumers, health care providers, law enforcement officials, and educators.

Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PMP)

Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) is a tool created to prevent and detect prescription drug misuse and diversion, as well as enable better coordination of care. PMP maintains a database of all transactions for schedule II, III and IV controlled substances dispensed in the State of Maine. This database is available online to prescribers and dispensers.

Community Education Resources

Community education resources and information about prescription drug misuse and abuse prevention, treatment and recovery, including:

  • A list of specific messages and primary target audiences that most need information about the problem and how to address it, and
  • Links to brochures, handouts and other materials that can be used to inform the community about the issue of prescription drug misuse and abuse.

Resources for practicing physicians and the public on management of pain. This includes the Board of Licensure in Medicine Chapter 21 rule on use of controlled substances for treatment of pain, OSA's prescription monitoring program and DEA rules on requirements for prescribing Schedule II controlled substances.

Drug Diversion

The Task Force is working to implement a statewide Diversion Alert Program that provides prescribers with drug crime information from local law enforcement to assist in determining whether patients are legitimately in need of controlled substance prescriptions.

Safe Medicine Disposal

The Safe Medicine Disposal for ME website provides information for Maine citizens about options for safely disposing of unused and unwanted medicines.