Brian MacMaster, Chief of Investigations

Brian MacMaster, the Director of Investigations since 1984, has been a Maine-certified law enforcement officer since 1969. A graduate of the University of Maine at Augusta, he previously served as a detective in the office, specializing in consumer fraud and antitrust investigations, and was a municipal police officer for eight years. Mr. MacMaster has served as the Attorney General’s designee on the Board of Trustees of the Maine Criminal Justice Academy since 1993 and has served as Chair of the Board since 1997. Mr. MacMaster serves as the Attorney General’s principal liaison with Maine’s law enforcement community and is a principal architect of sound law enforcement policy practiced in the State. He is well recognized as an expert on legal standards applicable to law enforcement officers in the execution of their duties. The Maine Chiefs of Police Association recognized Mr. MacMaster in 2001 as the law enforcement officer in the State who had consistently made outstanding contributions to law enforcement. He edits and produces the Maine Law Officer’s Bulletin, and annually produces constitutional law update summaries for law enforcement officers. In addition to supervising and managing investigations conducted by the Attorney General’s Office, Mr. MacMaster oversees multijurisdictional investigations around the State, and provides investigative consultation and training to other agencies of state, county, and local government.