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Driver License Services

The License Examination unit administers the driver education programs, including licensing and curriculum. This section also schedules and administers all driver license testing activities. It does the scheduling and administration of all Class A, B and C driving tests and permits, including those for motorcycles.

The Driver & Motorcycle Rider Education unit provides for licensing and monitoring all driver education schools and instructors. This unit is also responsible for the training and certification of motorcycle safety instructors and the education of individuals interested in obtaining a motorcycle license.

The License Information unit provides for license renewals and duplicates, temporary licenses, Maine ID cards, name and address changes and clearance letters for persons not currently under suspension.

The Accident unit handles the filing of all accident reports and is responsible for licensees suspended due to an accident.

The Financial Responsibility unit handles suspensions due to "failure to produce evidence of insurance" cases, SR-22 insurance requirements, toll suspensions and judgment suspensions resulting from an accident.

The Court Records unit administers court ordered suspensions, suspensions resulting from various traffic violations (including out-of-state violations), suspensions for material misstatement of fact, provisional license suspensions and administrative suspensions under the Maine's Demerit Point System. This section also processes related suspensions resulting from failure to comply with a child support order.

The Medical Review unit administers the determination of a driver's ability to operate a vehicle based on various functional ability profiles and if suspension is necessary based on an adverse report.

The OUI/Habitual Offender unit handles suspensions and restorations of persons convicted of OUI, the suspension and restoration of persons with an administrative suspension for alcohol or drug related offenses, revocation and restoration of habitual offenders, suspension for persons convicted of vehicular manslaughter and the issuance of work restricted licenses for those persons convicted of OUI or for habitual offenders and administers the ignition interlock program. This unit is also responsible for the suspensions of persons who refuse a chemical test for alcohol or drugs.

To contact the section below, send an e-mail to or call the Main Number (207) 624-9000; enter 1; then enter the extension.

Driver License Services Telephone & Fax Numbers
Section Extension Fax
(207) 624-9139
Commercial Driver License (CDL)
(207) 624-9186
Court Records
(207) 624-9154
Driver & Motorcycle Rider Education
(207) 624-9158
Exams (Class C & Motorcycle)
(207) 624-9175
Financial Responsibility
(207) 624-9132
License Services
(207) 624-9170
(207) 624-9319
OUI/Habitual Offender
(207) 624-9123