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Maine State Fire Marshal's Office
Fire Sprinkler Professional Licensing Online Renewal Service


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Question #1

Is there a State of Maine website that addresses the regulation of the fire sprinkler industry?

Question #2

Do all 3 types of fire sprinkler licenses expire at the same time?

  • Answer #2. Yes, they all expire on June 30th at midnight, the second June 30th after the initial issuing of the license, and then the renewal is good for a full 2 years, expiring on the corresponding June 30th at midnight.

Question #3

Why do the licenses expire on June 30th as opposed to December 31st?

  • Answer #3. The Bureau of the State Fire Marshal's Office has a fiscal year calendar that starts on July 1st and ends on June 30th.

Question #4

What is the difference between the 3 types of licenses?

  • Answer #4. The Responsible Managing Supervisor designs fire sprinkler systems. The Contractor installs systems the way that they were designed and permitted. The Inspector inspects, tests and maintains systems.

Question #5

Does everybody installing a fire sprinkler system on a job site have to have a Fire Sprinkler Contractor's License?

  • Answer #5. No, the Contractor License is for an individual or a company, and that individual or company is responsible for the installation. They can do the work or hire experienced installers, inexperienced installers, or subcontract the work, but in the end it is the individual or company with the license that is responsible for the job installation. The Responsible Managing Supervisor signs and dates a copy of the permit to verify that it was installed the way it was designed and permitted.

Question #6

How do I get qualified to install Wirsbo fire sprinkler systems, which are a patented design?

  • Answer #6. Contact Wirsbo at 952-997-4277. Also note that our website has additional info on Wirsbo Home Systems.


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