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Changes to Maine’s Standard Offer RFB or Associated Data

For Bid Process Initiated On October 2, 2000


Last Updated November 30, 2000



Issue Date                Changes


October 4, 2000        The Statement of Commitment (Appendix I) has been revised.
                                     See October 30 correction below.


Please also note that Appendix I and J were inadvertently reversed in some of the RFB documents.


October 30, 2000      Bangor Hydro Electric Company’s 1999 and 2000 billing units have been revised to reflect more accurate information.


October 30, 2000      The Statement of Commitment has been further revised to clarify that bid proposals 
 are not submitted until Phase 2.


November 3, 2000     The Standard Offer Rule has been revised to eliminate an opportunity for strategic  
  entry into standard offer service.  Click here for more information.


November 30, 2000    Optional Alternative Statement of Commitment