123rd Maine Legislature - Second Regular Session
Bill Requests
Sponsor: Representative Tuttle
LR: 2757
An Act To Allow the Maine Athletic Commission To Regulate Mixed-martial Art Competitions in the
LR: 2758
An Act To Create a Wild Boar Game Ranch in Piscataquis County
LR: 2760
An Act To Create a Lobster Stock Rebuilding Program
LR: 2761
An Act To Amend the Family Medical Leave Laws To Include Siblings
LR: 2763
An Act To Create a Catastrophic Illness Fund To Help Firefighters, Police Officers, Emergency Medical
Technicians, Paramedics and Their Families
LR: 2768
An Act To Require the Maine Economic Research Institute To Report Financial Matters to the
Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices
LR: 2822
An Act To Amend the Law Regarding First Responders for Emergency Services
LR: 2823
An Act Regarding the Use of MaineCare Insurance during Catastrophic Illness
LR: 2826
Resolve, To Name the Springvale Veterans Cemetery the Roger Landry Veterans Cemetery
LR: 2931
Resolve, Directing the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife To Research the Feasibility of a
Special Bass Fishing Trail
LR: 2935
An Act To Require Helmets for Motorcyclists
LR: 3038
An Act To Improve the Working Conditions, Health and Personal Safety of Dispatchers at the Maine State
Police Barracks in Gray, Maine
LR: 3040
Resolve, Directing Maine Emergency Medical Services To Study Methods To Protect Emergency Medical
Services Personnel during the Transportation of Persons with Mental Illness
Sponsor: Representative Wagner
LR: 2948
An Act Regarding the Disposal of Out-of-state Construction and Demolition Debris Waste
LR: 2978
Resolve, To Change the Name of the South Bridge between Lewiston and Auburn
LR: 3264
An Act To Provide for Enforcement of the Office Paper Recycling Program
Sponsor: Representative Walker
LR: 2845
An Act To Establish the Maine Nuclear Power Council
LR: 2964
An Act To Secure Patient Access to MaineCare
LR: 2983
An Act To Modify the Cost-sharing Formula for Regional School Units
LR: 2984
An Act To Ensure Maintenance of a Minimum Special Education Subsidy
Sponsor: Representative Watson
LR: 2779
An Act To Require Boating Safety Education
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10/9/2007 3:08:39PM

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