123rd Maine Legislature - Second Regular Session
Bill Requests
Sponsor: Representative Thomas
LR: 2847
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Wetlands and Wildlife Habitats
LR: 2956
An Act To Protect Landlords against False Statements
LR: 2985
An Act To Establish an Exemption from the Premium Imposed on Motor Vehicle Oil Changes
LR: 3058
An Act To Amend the Law Governing the Superpack Hunting License
LR: 3119
An Act To Clarify the Exemption of Retail Sales of Kerosene from the Sales Tax
Sponsor: Representative Treat
LR: 2925
An Act To Expand Access to Foreign Language Instruction in State Schools
LR: 3130
An Act To Further the Goals of Consolidation by Removing Financial Disincentives
LR: 3140
Resolve, To Reimburse School Administrative District No. 11 for the State Share of Retirement
Contributions Paid in Error
Sponsor: Representative Trinward
LR: 3315
Resolve, To Study Community Child Care Alternatives
Sponsor: Senator Turner
LR: 2915
An Act To Modify the Use of Educational Tax Credits
LR: 2916
An Act To Provide a State Income Tax Credit to Dentists for Military Pensions
LR: 3032
An Act To Further Facilitate School Administrative Unit Consolidation
LR: 3338
An Act Regarding the Training of Applicants for a Limited Radiographer License by Licensed
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10/9/2007 3:08:39PM

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