Representative Sharon Anglin Treat
District #79

22 Page Street, Hallowell, ME 04347


About Rep. Treat

Rep. Sharon Anglin Treat is in her 11th term serving in the Maine Legislature.  Rep. Treat has served in the Maine House of Representatives representing District 79 (Farmingdale, Hallowell and West Gardiner) for four terms, and she previously represented these communities in the Maine Senate where she served a term as Senate Majority Leader and as Assistant Leader in 2000-2004. Rep. Treat is the House Chair of the insurance & Financial Services Committee and cochairs the  Maine Citizen Trade Policy Commission.

Rep. Treat is a state and national leader on consumer, health, environment and trade issues. In the Legislature she has passed legislation providing for consumer counseling assistance and court mediation for homeowners facing possible foreclosure. Other consumer laws sponsored by Rep. Treat include protections for seniors from marketing abuses related to Medicare prescription drug policies, banning certain debit card surcharges, and establishing a “health care bill of rights” for health insurance. Rep. Treat has also passed laws to provide lower-cost prescription drugs to Maine people, protections to keep mercury and other toxics out of consumer products and the environment, and a law requiring the federal government to get the Legislature and Governor’s approval before overriding state laws through a trade agreement.

Nationally, Rep. Treat represents Maine on the Intergovernmental Policy Advisory Committee, which advises the U.S. Trade Representative on trade policy, and she is a member of the Labor and Economic Development Committee of the National Conference of State Legislatures. Rep. Treat has presented as a stakeholder representing state interests in trade policy at negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership to insure that Maine’s prescription drug, environmental and banking rules would not be negatively affected by US trade agreements.

Professionally, Treat is Executive Director of the National Legislative Association on Prescription Drug Prices, a nonpartisan organization of state legislators working jointly across state lines to reduce prescription drug prices and expand access.

Rep. Treat has an A.B. degree from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and graduated with honors from Georgetown University Law Center. As an attorney, she has practiced law with the Natural Resources Council of Maine, as well as in state government and private practices. She has taught environmental law at several colleges in Maine and at the University of Maine Law School. Additionally, she was the coordinator of the Environmental Studies Program at Colby College from 2000-04.

Rep. Treat lives in Hallowell with her partner Robert Collins.