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Representative Margaret Rotundo

District #59

446 College Street, Lewiston, ME 04240



Representative Peggy Rotundo was first elected in 2000 to the Legislature as a State Senator, where she served until she was termed out in 2008. During her tenure in the Senate, she served as the chair of the Appropriations Committee for four years, chaired the State and Local Government Committee and served on the Education and Cultural Affairs Committee, the Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee, the Committee on Bills in the Second Reading and the Senate Ethics Committee. She also served as the Senate chair of the Citizens Trade Policy Commission.

In 2008 she was elected to her first term as a member of the Maine House of Representatives where she served on the Appropriations Committee, the Government Oversight Committee and as the House chair of the Citizen Trade Policy Commission. She currently serves as the House chair of the Appropriations Committee.

While in the Legislature, Rotundo has been appointed to statewide commissions to study tax reform, ways to increase the number of students going on to post-secondary education, state policy around rail transport, freedom of information issues, Native American tribal issues and state budget reform. She has also represented the State of Maine as a Commissioner on the Education Commission of the States.

Rotundo helped found the Center for Service-Learning at Bates College in Lewiston in 1995, which has become a nationally recognized program that connects Bates students to the community through service. She currently serves as the Director of Strategic and Policy Initiatives for the Bates College Harward Center for Community Partnerships. She is actively involved in her community, has served on a variety of boards, including the Androscoggin Chamber of Commerce and LA Arts. Rep. Rotundo was a founding member and co-chair of the Lewiston Aspirations Partnership with L. L. Bean, and served on the steering committee to establish the Lewiston-Auburn Youth Lacrosse Program in 1996. She was also a founding member and former president of the Lewiston Education Fund.

Education and its importance in economic development have always been of enormous interest and concern to Rotundo. In 1993, she was elected to the Lewiston School Committee, which she chaired for four years. Recognizing the importance of early education, she became active in the Head Start program, serving for many years as a board member. As a past president and the first vice-president of the Maine School Boards Association, she traveled extensively across the state and around the country, speaking as a volunteer on behalf of public education and advocating for the educational needs of Maine’s children. She has also served on the board of the Maine Compact for Higher Education

Rotundo has sponsored legislation that has created greater public access to government information, a cleaner environment, greater educational opportunities for all Maine people and better services for veterans and the elderly. She has also led in creating bipartisan state budgets. Rotundo has won numerous awards for her work on these issues and for her work in creating civil and respectful public discourse.

Rotundo and her husband, Loring Danforth, have two children, both of whom attended the Lewiston Public Schools. Her son, Nicholas, a graduate of Yale University, is currently in graduate school at Georgetown University. Her daughter, Ann, a graduate of Vassar College, is now a graduate student at Columbia University.

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Rep. Rotundo serves on the Joint Standing Committe on Appropriations and Financial Affairs.

Brief description of the subject matter handled by the committee: General Fund appropriations and general fiscal policy; federal funds allocations; special revenue and block grant allocations; Budget Stabilization Fund; unappropriated surplus; bond issues; collective bargaining funding; review of revenue estimates; budgeting methodologies, review of financial orders; financial evaluation of agencies of state government; Maine Public Employees Retirement System; retirement eligibility and benefits for state and municipal employees, including teachers; judicial and legislative retirement systems.

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