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Dec. 23, 2013

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New Year brings opportunities to strengthen the economy and middle class  



The holidays are here. It’s a time to gather with friends and family, reflect on the past year and look forward to what the New Year will bring.


Good morning. I’m Representative Jeff McCabe of Skowhegan, the assistant House majority leader. Thank you for tuning in.


I feel so lucky during the holidays, especially during those cozy times when my family gathers in the living room by the woodstove. We’re sharing laughs, telling stories and building memories. The smiles on our kids’ faces are huge.


We’re grateful to all the folks who are hard at work during the holidays and missing time with their families: the plow drivers and the utility and tree crews who are out in nasty weather, keeping our roads safe and the power on and the first responders who are always there for us – no matter the weather, the day or time of year.


To the servicemen and women who are faraway, keeping our nation safe: We wish for your safe return. 


The time of year makes me even more aware of all that we have and are thankful for. And that many of our friends and neighbors are less fortunate, that many of Maine’s children, elderly and frail need our support.


I’m reminded of what motivates Maine’s citizen-lawmakers to serve: improving the lives of Maine people.


That means strengthening the economy and the middle class. We do that by increasing opportunity – and making that ladder of opportunity accessible to more people.


When the Legislature reconvenes next month, we’ll consider a number of proposals that do those things.


We’ll have another chance to expand access to affordable health care, so more Maine families can have a family doctor, so more families no longer have to fear that they are a serious illness or injury away from financial disaster. If we accept the federal government’s offer, 70,000 more Mainers – including 3,000 veterans – will have the security of health care coverage.


This is just one of the proposals we’re looking forward to so we can improve things for Maine people.


Thanks for listening.  I’m Representative Jeff McCabe of Skowhegan.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!