Representative Timothy I. Marks
District #53

640 Kelley Road, Pittston, ME 04345


My Latest News

July 21, 2014Laws going into effect on August 1, 2014
July 14, 2014Rural Roads Have Big Impact on Safety, Economy
By Rep. Tim Marks
July 11, 2014Rep. Marks finishes second session with perfect attendance
May 14, 2014Consumer protection forum
May 1, 2014Concealed weapons permit system remains broken
Party-line vote kills bill to ensure mental health checks done, improve reciprocity
May 1, 2014House overrides veto of repeat OUI offender bill
Commonsense measure holds the worst drunk drivers more accountable
April 29, 2014 LePage vetoes bill to repair concealed weapons permit system
Bill ensures mental health background checks performed, greater reciprocity for permit holders


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