House Democrats stand for:

Growing our middle class
To prosper, Maine must strengthen its middle class.  We must invest in our workforce, our unique economic strengths and the infrastructure and innovations our businesses depend on. We want more Mainers to be able to work their way into our middle class, not to fall out of it. 

Opportunity for all
When each child in Maine succeeds, we will all succeed.  Every Mainer deserves to start out with quality care, education and nutrition; to grow up with decent housing, health care and access to transportation, digital information and higher education; to earn livable wages and to pay fair taxes as an adult.

Strong, safe communities
All Maine communities have the potential to be great places to live, work and raise a family.  The state must partner with local leaders to provide opportunities for commerce and recreation; prevention and public safety; consumer protections; and a level playing field and support when we falter or fall.

A healthy environment
Maine’s environment is key to our prosperity and health. We and our children can and should have the cleanest air and water; the most vibrant farms, forests and waterfronts; the best recreation; readiness for and reduction of climate change; and the safest, healthiest and most local products, food and energy.

Equality and democracy
Democrats believe in the dignity of the individual. We believe in the right to vote easily and the right to a responsive and transparent government. We believe in freedom of expression and the right to be free from discrimination.