Representative Andrew M. Gattine
District #126

529 Stroudwater Street, Westbrook, ME 04092



My Latest News

July 29, 2014Lawmakers fear crisis at Riverview Psychiatric hospital if state won't comply with federal safety standards
LePage mismanagement jeopardizes safety, risks lawsuits and budget overruns
June 17, 2014Troubled rides vendor receives $5 million in unexplained state money
The Department no-shows to meeting; questions remain unanswered
May 1, 2014Republicans reject real action on fraud
Maine GOP stands with LePage against common sense measure to fight fraud, promote good management
April 25, 2014LePage wastes more taxpayer dollars on no-bid Alexander Group contract
Administration pays another $123,360 to failed contractor
April 8, 2014Maine House approves bill to fight fraudulent use of EBT cards by people living out of state
April 8, 2014Bill to take real action on fraud gets final approval
Republicans punt on commonsense measure to fight fraud, promote good management
April 4, 2014House overrides veto on health care cost transparency bill
Vetoes sustained for bills on pre-school needs of children with disabilities, labor mediators






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