Representative Mark Eves
  District #146    

29 Acorn Lane, North Berwick, ME 03906


My Latest News

July 17, 2014 LePage continues to play politics with nursing home funding
Governor sat on $4.6 million in state funding to play politics with nursing homes
June 25, 2014 LePage’s vetoes of life-saving health care costs Mainers
New data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis shows failure to expand Medicaid is a factor in Maine’s lagging personal income growth
May 30, 2014Group convenes to prevent elder abuse statewide
House Speaker Kicks Off “Blueprint for Action” on Maine’s aging challenges with efforts to combat elder exploitation
May 6, 2014Dems call out LePage for choosing chemical industry over Maine families
LePage administration pulls proposal to add cancer-causing Formaldehyde to Kids Safe Products Act
May 2, 2014Governor's obstruction stretches into final hours
LePage’s 11th hour hijinks waste time, Gov refuses to collaborate until the very end
May 1, 2014LePage, GOP put lives at risk by saying no to health care
Maine GOP stands with Governor, puts ideology ahead of health care for Maine people
May 1, 2014 Maine House overrides LePage’s budget veto
Budget funds $10 Million for nursing homes, eliminates and reduces waitlist for people with disabilities


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