Rep. Boland

Representative Andrea M. Boland
District #142

22 Kent Street, Sanford, ME 04073



About Rep. Boland

Rep. Andrea Boland is serving her fourth term in the House of Representatives. She serves on the Joint Standing Committee on State and Local Government and the Government Oversight Committee.

She has served on the board of the Home Health Visiting Nurses of Southern Maine, Sanford’s Personnel Board, the York County Budget Committee, the board of directors of the Literacy Volunteers of Greater Sanford, and the Sanford Maine Stage Pinetree Players, and brought the Odyssey of the Mind program to Sanford schools. She currently serves on the board of governors of the National Health Federation.

Rep. Boland is an advocate for wellness and prevention, arguing for implementation of nutritional health strategies into the Maine health service delivery system, including incentives and/or coverage for healthy choices and alternatives that work and providers can document. She has also introduced legislation to require doctors to give written estimates to patients for proposed procedures.

A nationally recognized leader for safe wireless and safe cell phone use and application, Rep. Boland introduced the first-of-its-kind legislation requiring health and safety warning labels on cell phones and was instrumental in the new law directing the Maine Public Utilities Commission to examine current cyber security and privacy requirements related to smart meters. This was the first legislation in Maine to address consumer concerns about smart meters and Maine has become the first state in the United States to allow opt-outs from wireless smart meters. Rep. Boland continues to support the effort to facilitate a good PUC response to the Maine Supreme Court's ruling that the PUC failed in its duty to examine health and safety matters before approving installation of wireless smart meters.

Rep. Boland is also a national leader in electric infrastructure security from geomagnetic solar storms and manmade electromagnetic pulse. She introduced the first legislation in the nation to deal with EMP, which it passed nearly unanimously in the Legislature in 2013. She served as a U.S. delegate to the International Electric Infrastructure Security Summit in London in May 2012 and participated in the Dupont Summit 2012, "High Impact Threats to Critical Infrastructure," in Washington, D.C. She submitted legislation to the Leadership Council in 2012 to require known, available, low-cost protections of the grid and will be resubmitting it this session.

Rep. Boland was a featured speaker at the International Energy Infrastructure Security Council annual summit in Washington, D.C. and the annual Dupont Summit in Washington, D.C., both in 2013.  She also brought the issue to the National Conference of State Legislatures.  Several states are now using her work as a model to introduce their own legislation to protect their own states. 

Rep. Boland has also been a leader on bringing back Glass-Steagall, which would revise banking law regulation.  She presented on the subject annual conference and forum in 2013.

Rep. Boland is self-employed as a real estate title examiner and an independent distributor for a company that formulates and markets nutritional products and functional foods. Previously, she worked as a consultant to the city of Boston and successfully organized and directed an effort that returned millions of dollars to the city.

Born and raised in the Boston area, Rep. Boland graduated from Elmira College in New York with a bachelor’s degree in international studies and French. She studied for a year at the University of Paris at the Political Science Institute and earned her master’s in Business Administration from Northeastern University.

In 1978, Rep. Boland moved to Maine.  She currently resides in Sanford. Her daughter, Michaela, lives and works in Portland and her son, Tim, lives and works in San Diego, Calif.