Scam Alert: Iraq Money Transfer

January 24, 2008

A new scam has been reported to the Office of the Attorney General. It involves someone looking to move money from Iraq to a US bank. The caller offers you a portion of the money if they can transfer the funds to your bank account. The caller then asks for your checking account number or that you send some money to start the transfer. DON’T SEND MONEY, THIS IS A SCAM! It is just the latest variation of the so-called Nigerian Scam.

Never give out your personal identifying information over the phone if you do not initiate the contact. If you are unsure, contact our office before you give out the information, (800) 436-2131. If an offer is good now, it will be good later, do not let the scam artist pressure you. Remember, if you tell someone your bank account number, it’s possible for that person to then drain your account.