August 14, 2018

Caddie Training Opportunity in Scotland for Maine Veterans

Don Snyder, Maine native and veteran advocate, is recruiting Maine veterans for a unique opportunity residential caddie school in St. Andrews, Scotland. The first group of veterans will meet in St. Andrews on February 1, 2019. Don has successfully raised funds to cover all expenses for six veterans to attend the program. Two veterans from the United States, two from the United Kingdom, and two from Canada will be asked to participate.

Currently in St. Andrews is a nonprofit organization known as St. Andrew Legacy. The nonprofit hosts wounded veterans from around the world to play golf as part of their healing process. While attending a caddie program himself, and witnessing the benefits of the St. Andrews Legacy, Don began to think about what he could do to help veterans in need.

Understanding relationships between golfer and caddie, and the hard work such a job requires both physically and mentally, Don knew the value a caddie program could provide veterans.

Caddie recruits will all arrive in Scotland on February 1, 2019, returning home March 1, 2019, and will all be living and sharing meals together in a rented house. The soldier caddies will have the opportunity to interview for full time caddie jobs there in Scotland, or in America at Bandon Dunes in Oregon, or in Canada at Cabot Cliffs and Cabot Links. To participate in the program, veteran caddies must commit to working the next golf season.

In Scotland the season runs from mid-April until mid-September. A hard-working caddie can earn $25,000 during this season. The ideal candidate will be willing to get into good physical condition (walking up to 10 miles a day) while carrying golf bags, have a keen desire to learn and be trained, and be 100% trustworthy.

For more information about the Veterans Caddie program or to apply contact Don J. Snyder at 207-838-3011 or go to his website