These are the steps to follow when a vendor/customer/client claims that their cashed check was never received, and they wish to file a forgery complaint:

1. Contact Michelle Kimball via email at  Please include:

  • Check number
  • Amount
  • Issue date
  • Payee (as written on check)

2. Michelle will provide you with a forgery affidavit.  Please have the vendor sign and date this form.  The affidavit needs to be submitted to our bank within 30 days of signature.

3. Once completed by the vendor/client, please forward the original affidavit, a copy of the cashed check, and cover memo containing your contact information to:

Treasurer’s Office
Attn: Michelle Kimball
State House Station #39
Augusta, ME 04333-0039

Note:  If you have additional questions regarding forgeries, you can contact Michelle directly at (207) 624-7478 or via email at