PayMaine is an efficient and cost–effective online payment solution made available to State of Maine departments by OST.  PayMaine offers payment collection and processing services that can be customized to your department’s needs, saving time and can eliminate transaction costs for you and your customers.  PayMaine is versatile enough to provide for the most basic transaction to some of the more complex.  In addition, PayMaine processes the accounting cash receipt in AdvantageME for the transactions automatically, saving departments and service centers an incredible amount of time from processing and reconciling! 

Set up can be simple and quick, allowing your customers to choose from a current list of products and services, have the ability to pay by Credit/Debit Cards or ACH-Debit transactions (payment methods are determined by agency preference), and receive a transaction receipt upon successful completion.  Transactions processed via PayMaine are quick, secure, and offer “real time” confirmation of purchase.

We offer you and your customers:

    • 24/7 access
    • Secure payment processing with multiple payment types
    • Systems integration or online portal
    • Automated Cash Receipts
    • Reporting & Electronic Receipts

What are you waiting for?  Contact Eliza Fielding at or at 624-7451 today to learn how PayMaine can be the solution you’ve been waiting for.