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February 26, 2016Treasurer Hayes Warns of Fraudulent Letter and Unofficial Unclaimed Property Websites
November 25, 2014Treasurer Douglass Offers Mainers Advice about Gift Cards - Estimates $5 Million of Unspent Balances in Maine Annually
October 2, 2014State Treasurer announces $38.1 million Received for More Bond Projects
July 28, 2014Treasurer Douglass Warns of Suspicious, Unofficial Unclaimed Property Postcards from Outside Maine; Official Notices will soon be Mailed from Augusta, Maine
July 24, 2014Treasurer Douglass Posts List of Projects funded with $127 Million in Bond Proceeds
March 27, 2014Treasurer Douglass Announces $13.5 Million in New Unclaimed Property - State Treasurer Holds Financial Assets on Behalf of Mainers, Seeks Rightful Owners
June 14, 2013State Treasurer continues ready to prepare General Obligation Bonds; Calls on Governor to sign budget; Calls on Governor to sign TEFRA sign-offs
January 23, 2013State Treasurer is Looking Up For Better Times in Maine