Debts & Bonds

The Treasurer is responsible for issuing notes and bonds to provide funds for state needs. The Treasurer prepares the proposals, obtains approvals, prints the bonds or notes, receives bids, and closes the sale. Records are maintained of all issues. Payments to fiscal agents for notes, bonds, and coupons that mature are initiated by the Treasurer's Office.

FY2017 Bond Project Funding
Agcy Law Description Tax Status Amount
DEP 2013 PL Ch 589 Stream crossing, culvert upgrades, or other public improvement projects E 1,200,000
DOC/LMF 2011 PL Ch 696 Land for Maine's Future Board E 3,000,000
DOC/LMF 2009 PL Ch 414 as amd by Ch 645 Land acquisitions for conservation, water access, outdoor recreation, wildlife, etc.  E 3,250,000
DOT 2011 PL Ch 697 Port investment/development at Searsport, Mack Point, and Sears Island E 2,500,000
DOT 2011 PL Ch 697 Aviation facilities  E 100,000
DOT 2015 PL Ch 305 Highway & Bridge E 18,000,000
DOT 2015 PL Ch 478 Highway & Bridge E 70,000,000
DOT 2015 PL Ch 478 Ports, harbors, marine transport, aviation, freight, and passenger rail, transit, pedestrian and bicycle trails. T 15,000,000
DVEM 2013 PL Ch 432 Armory Upgrades T 125,000
MCCS 2013 PL Ch 431 Facility upgrades at MCCS campuses E 1,500,000
 TOTAL  114,675,000
Taxable 15,125,000
Tax-Exempt 99,550,000


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