(dates subject to change)

June 2011

16th --- Treasury sends an electronic copy of the approved FY'12 Treasury-State Agreement to each of the program managers involved in the contract. To be effective July 1, 2012.

July 2011

1st --- New fiscal year begins

7th --- Q4 sampling begins for major programs in FY'11.

25th --- Treasury monitors FY'12 drawdowns to determine compliance with new clearance patterns. Contacts programs experiencing issues.

August 2011

1st-5th --- Treasury completes FY11, Q4 Sampling, returns results to program managers. Areas of concern are addressed if present.

October 2011

3rd --- Treasury begins quarterly sampling of Major Federal Programs in the FY'12 TSA. Results to follow.

November 2011

7th --- FMS communicates Annual Report (interest calculation) 2012Key Events Calendar, Annual Report Guidelines, and Annual Report Checklist to the Treasurer's Office.

Mid November --- CMIAS opens for FY 2011 annual report.

Mid November --- Treasury contacts agencies involved in the FY'11 TSA and requests a list of exceptions and refunds for the 2011 fiscal year. Agencies are strongly encouraged to ensure that records submitted to this office are complete and understandable.

December 2011

1st-20th --- Treasurer's office continues to review exception/refunds records submitted by agencies. Begins inputting information in the CMIAS program.

20th-30th --- Treasury completes the Annual Report, determines interest due to the Federal Government.

31st --- Annual Report due to FMS.

January 2012

1st --- Treasury begins 2nd quarter sampling of Major Federal programs.

10th --- Federal program agencies review Annual Report for accuracy, give recommendation to FMS.