By the Numbers


Category Amount Time Frame
Bonds under management $419.64 million as of 6/30/17
Bank accounts provided and reconciled 38 as of 6/30/17
Average Treasurer's Cash Pool balance $1.044 billion FY17
Treasurer's Board membership 13 Current
Trust funds managed $47.4 million as of 6/30/17
Unclaimed Property returned to rightful owners $18.1 million FY17
Revenue Sharing distributed to Municipalities $65.2 million FY17
Average revenue received into state bank accounts $7.9 billion FY17
Treasurer's Cash pool earnings distributed $8.84 million FY17
State Checks issued 561,000 FY17
Electronic Fund Transfers (ACH/Wires) 643,000 FY17
Cash receipts processed 126,594 FY17
Employees 16 Current
Treasury Budget $2.4 million Annually
Treasurer's Term 2 years Jan 2017-Dec 2018