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Farmington and The Forks Public Witness Hearings Central Maine Power Company Proposed Transmission Line

September 6, 2018

Hallowell, Maine. On Friday September 14, 2018, the Maine Public Utilities Commission (Commission) will hold public witness hearings in Farmington and The Forks to hear from members of the public on Central Maine Power Company's Petition for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) for the New England Clean Energy Connect Project (NECEC) proposed transmission line. The public witness hearings will begin at 6:00 p.m. and will take place at the following locations:

University of Maine-Farmington
Roberts Learning Center
Room 131-Lincoln Auditorium
270 Main Street
Farmington, Maine

The Forks Town Hall
2612 US Route 201
The Forks Plantation, Maine

A Commissioner from the Public Utilities Commission will attend at each location as will Commission staff and a transcriptionist. This public hearing will give the Commission an opportunity to hear the views of members of the public as it considers Central Maine Power Company's CPCN for the NECEC, a 145 mile 1,200 MW transmission project. In a public witness hearing, any member of the public may participate by providing sworn testimony or they may present argument without being sworn; however, only sworn testimony becomes evidence in the case. The public witness hearing transcript will be publicly available in the case file (Docket No. 2017-00232) which may be accessed via the Commission's Case Management System.


The Maine Public Utilities Commission regulates electric, telephone, water and gas utilities to ensure that Maine citizens have access to safe and reliable utility service at rates that are just and reasonable for all ratepayers. Commission programs include Maine Enhanced 911 Service, and Dig Safe.

Contact: Harry Lanphear, 287-3831