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Commission releases timetable for deciding two ongoing CMP cases; announces over $330,000 refunded to CMP customers

December 6, 2019

Hallowell, Maine - December 6, 2019 The Maine Public Utilities Commission (Commission) announced that its investigation into CMP's metering and billing and its deliberation of CMPs proposed rate changes will conclude in January 2020.

The timetable provides for Examiners Reports in both cases to be completed by January 9, 2020. The Examiners Reports will detail the Commissions staff findings and recommended actions for the Commissions consideration. The Commission expects to deliberate the two cases before the end of January 2020.

"The Commission recently received additional information from customers resulting from a filing that CMP made in this case and the Commission needs adequate time to thoroughly evaluate this information," said Philip L. Bartlett II, Chairman of the Commission.

The procedural order issued by the Commission Staff with the timetable for these two cases is publicly available in the case files (Docket No. 2019-00015 and Docket No. 2018-00194) which may be accessed via the Commission's Case Management System at the following link:

The Commissions Consumer Assistance and Safety Division (CASD) continues to resolve formal consumer complaints lodged against CMP during the last two years. As a result of resolving these complaints, the CASD obtained more than $330,000 in billing credits for consumers.

Were here to help consumers who have complaints or billing issues and our CASD staff continues to work tirelessly to address the remaining open complaints as expeditiously as possible, said Bartlett. As more cases are resolved, credits will continue to roll back to consumers, so it is important for consumers to bring billing concerns to the CASD.

The CASD is available by telephone, via e-mail or by consumers filing an on-line complaint form. Consumers should call 1-800-452-4699 if they are dissatisfied with a utility response to their concerns. In most cases, CASD staff can resolve complaints working with the consumer and the utility.

About the Commission

The Maine Public Utilities Commission regulates electric, telephone, water and gas utilities to ensure that Maine citizens have access to safe and reliable utility service at rates that are just and reasonable for all ratepayers. Commission programs include Maine Enhanced 911 Service and Dig Safe. Philip Bartlett serves as Chairman, Bruce Williamson and Randall Davis serve as Commissioners.

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