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What Low Income Assistance Programs are available?

Low Income Bill Payment Assistance Programs

Low Income consumers may be able to get help paying their bills. Financial assistance may be available to help qualified low-income consumers with their electric, gas, or water bills. Contact your local Community Action Agency, or the Department of Human Services for information on financial assistance programs. You may also qualify for special payment plans or assistance from low-income programs available through your electric distribution utility and local telephone provider.


Electric Utility Low Income Assistance. Low-income households across Maine may qualify for assistance programs in which Maine’s electric utilities provide discounts or credits to help make electric bills more affordable. For more information, contact the Community Action Agency service your area or the Commission’s consumer Assistance Division (1-800-452-4699).


Link-Up and Lifeline Programs. The Link-Up Program provides qualifying low income households reduced installation costs for new service hook-ups. The Lifeline program provides qualifying households with a significant credit for the basic service portion of local telephone bills. These programs together help Maine lead the nation in percentage of its households with local telephone service. Some local phone companies offer these programs, others, do not. For more information on these programs, or if you think that you might qualify, contact your local telephone company or your local Community Action Agency. If you still have questions after speaking with these groups, contact the Commission’s Consumer Assistance Division at 1-800-452-4699.


Customers of Northern Utilities, Inc. d/b/a Unitil receiving service under the residential heating and non-heating rates may be eligible to receive a 30% discount on their delivery and gas supply rates. The discount will apply to all customers identified by the Maine State Housing Authority as eligible for LIHEAP. Once enrolled, customers will receive the discount for 12 consecutive months.