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Brave Boat Harbor Farm, York, 1951 - c. 1965

Date listed: 10/30/2007

Criterion C: Architecture, Landscape Architecture Local significance

Brave Boat Harbor Farm is a small historic district on the Atlantic coast in the town of York that is notable for its designed landscapes and architecture. The farm was the home of Marion and Calvin Hosmer, Jr. who, starting in 1951, erected stately buildings that include a stone-veneered Georgian style manor house and a complex of neo-Federal style barns, fields, pastures and agricultural outbuildings. Complementing the architecture of this Gentleman’s Farm are the gardens and landscapes designed by Marion Hosmer, including the formal walled front garden, arborvitae-enclosed orchard, espaliered fruit trees, and naturalistic paths that lead through ancient lilacs to an old burying ground or scenic views of the shore. The property, which has been excellently maintained, possesses high artistic value, and embodies the distinctive characteristics of the Colonial Revival at mid-twentieth century. In consideration of this significance, the Brave Boat Harbor Farm was listed in the National Register of Historic Places under Criteria C at the local level of significance.