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Pehr J. Jacobson House, New Sweden, c. 1871

Date listed: 2/7/2007

Criterion A: Exploration and Settlement, Ethnic Heritage, and Criterion C: Architecture

As was the custom among the Swedish immigrants to northern Aroostook County, the home that Pehr J. Jacobson erected was of log construction, and this house is one of several examples that help to illustrate the diversity of interior and exterior plan utilized by the immigrants in New Sweden and surrounding towns. Jacobson, who arrived during the initial establishment of Maine's Swedish colony in 1870, probably built his house shortly thereafter. The house retains its original floor plan, log construction, moss chinking, and overall form even after changes of siding and windows and the construction of a rear addition brought the house into the twentieth century. Adjacent to the house is a heritage apple orchard which contains several specimens planted by Jacobson. This property was listed in the National Register of Historic Places at the local level of significance for its important association with settlement of New Sweden, and for the architectural significance of its Swedish-style log house.