Belfast Municipal Airport (KBST)

Region: Downeast and Acadia
Service Area:
Services/Features: Airport, Charter
Phone: 207-338-3370 ext. 10


Belfast Air Taxi Origin

The Belfast Area's industries and businesses are as diverse as its people. There is no better example of the traditional craftsmen working alongside the latest technology. Generations of lobstermen work the same waters their forefathers did. Local shopkeepers ensure that the area's small-town New England charm carries on while a healthy economy supported by tourism continues to lure new businesses to our area at a steady pace.

It only takes a quick glance at the map to see that this broad swath of rocky shoreline and rolling countryside is indeed located at Coastal Maine's heart. A brief visit is all you'll need to learn that the Belfast area is nestled in Maine's heart in a more important way.

Special Features:

  • Industrial Airpark
  • Scenic Flights
  • Island Access


  • Air Taxi and Charter services
  • 100 LL
  • Flight instruction

Fixed Based Operators:

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