Cellular Analysis Training

Sponsored by: Maine NENA

Dates: March 4, 2020 --

Times: 8:30 AM -- 4:30 PM


This class will go over the Maine State Police Cell Phone Analysis Team's capabilities and what information they can provide. They will go in depth on how the information that you as an Emergency Dispatcher provide to them can make their job easier from the beginning of the case. They will discuss when it is appropriate to contact them and the types of incidents that need to be made aware of, and the types of incidents that they can help you in doing your job. They will spend time going over the Exigent Circumstance procedure and what type of information each carrier can provide, and how you can use the information to the fullest in working with your incidents. They will also go into depth on how they use this information on a much deeper level to help agencies bring a close to many different types of cases. Lastly, they will give an overview of the Maine State Police Computer Crimes Division explaining their function and capabilities in local, State, and Federal cases.


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Event address: Hilton Garden Inn, 5 Park St
City: Freeport
State: Maine

Cost: $30


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To register, contact: Tammy Barker (207) 474-6386 Tammy.Barker@somersetcounty-me.org