Maine NENA Annual Conference & Training

Sponsored by: Maine NENA

Dates: May 5, 2020 -- May 7, 2020

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May 5 , 20 20 Leslie Witham , National Emergency Number Association "Advanced Law Enforcement Dispatch" Excellent police dispatchers must continually improve their skills and keep current with evolving trends. This course helps experienced law enforcement dispatchers take their abilities, knowledge, and performance to the next level. Attend to learn about the dispatcher's role in specific crucial situations such as handling increased radio traffic, ICS events, SWAT/Negotiator calls, civil disturbances, and active assailant events. Through this course, you not only learn vital information about the evolution of your profession, but also learn to anticipate field unit requests, and prepare to successfully handle large- and small-scale events while maintaining public welfare and field responder safety. May 6 , 20 20 Gordon Graham , Graham Research Consultants The Ten Families of Risk Everything we do in life involves a level of risk - and the same is true with what you do professionally. Since we do thousands of different things at work how can you possibly start to Recognize the real risks you face. In this brief (1 to 3 hours depending on other programs selected) program, Gordon puts all of the risks you face into ten families. This makes the Recognition, Prioritization (what is important now) and Mobilization (doing something to change outcomes) approach to addressing risks proactively so we can reduce exposure from that given risk. What is Real Risk Management? The phrase "risk management gets thrown around quite a bit, but what is "real" risk management? It is more than the safety stuff. It is more than the insurance stuff. And it is more than the ergonomics stuff. Everything you do in your organization involves a level of risk. In this brief program, Gordon will explain how to recognize the real risks you face and give you some thoughts on how to prioritize these risks. Finally, he will show you how to mobilize (act) to do something about the real risks you face in your organization. Customer Service Creating some WOW As we enter the 21st century, the public sector is being analyzed like never before. Customer service has always been important, but now the survival of any public sector organization is dependent on the maximization of this concept on each and every contact made. Who, What, Why, When, Where, How and How Often is a symmetric approach to this important topic. Attendees will receive a copy of "GRECS, Graham's Rules for Enhancing Customer Service." May 7 , 20 20 Doug Showalter, Showalter & Company Everyone is Leading The Future of your Agency is in your Hands As many agencies continue to experience high turnover of personnel, the need for new leadership continues to intensify. The old adage of, I don't have a title, so I cant lead has been completely debunked. Everyone in your organization is able to provide some type of leadership, from the newest employee to the most senior. Whether its leading through attitude, interpersonal relations, or commitment to the mission, leadership is critical to your success. The future of your agency began yesterday; new employees will become the future leaders of your agency; but did you ever consider what type of environment they are encountering? The future of your agency depends on the qualities of those who will assume leadership positions. Who will be influencing the direction, the tenor, and the tone of your department? Is your agency preparing the future leaders or do they just assume someone will eventually become qualified enough to lead their organization? The qualifications of a great leader are difficult to quantify, but many who may have great potential or qualifications may be overlooked or just wont even try because of complacency. If the future of your agency is now, then ask yourself, what are you doing to coach, empower and inspire those future leaders?


Please make checks payable to Maine NENA (No purchase orders please) Mail all registrations and checks to: Maine NENA, Attn: Tammy Barker, 8 County Drive, Skowhegan, ME 04976 Cancellations are non-refundable, however substitutions are permitted NENA 2020 - Maine's Event for Emergency Communications Professionals

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Event address: Double Tree by Hilton, 363 Maine Mall Road
City: South Portland
State: Maine

Cost: 1 Day - $100 / 3 -Day - $275


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To register, contact: Tammy Barker (207) 474-6386