Emergency Fire Dispatch (EFD) Certification v7.0

Sponsored by: Emergency Services Communication Bureau

Dates: October 10, 2019 -- October 11, 2019

Times: 8:00 AM -- 5:00 PM


The Emergency Fire Dispatcher (EFD) through the use of the FPDS� brings the science of structured call processing to the fire-rescue field. Completion of this course provides students with confidence to begin using the protocol on-line in the busiest of communication centers. Classes use hands-on teaching, class participation, simulated and actual calls, and feedback to prepare the students for work in a communication center.


This course will explain:

  • The importance of protocol-driven dispatch services, roles and responsibilities of an EFD

  • Structure and functions of the FPDS

  • Identify essential background knowledge, outside resources, and skills for emergency dispatchers

  • Describe factors that influence the psychology of a fire caller

  • Define essential firefighting terminology and describe basic firefighting procedures

  • Identify ethical and legal principles of EFD

  • Recognize sources and signs of stress in the dispatch environment and identify appropriate stress management techniques

  • Explain the benefits of an effective quality improvement program

  • Demonstrate competence and confidence in correctly using the FPDS.

Intended audience:

Required of all PSAP dispatchers

Max # of participants: 20

Special instructions:

Fax Request for In-Service Training to 207-512-5950


Event address: Maine Criminal Justice Academy, 15 Oak Grove Rd
City: Vassalboro
State: Maine

Cost: Free to 9-1-1 PSAPs, $270 for Dispatch Only EFD Centers

Prerequisites: Universal Day within 6 months (Half day before class if needed)

Registration deadline:

To register, contact: Cory Golob 207-287-1598, 911Training.PUC@maine.gov