First Regiment, Maine Volunteer Infantry

Militia Units

  • Company A - Portland Light Infantry
  • Company B - Portland Mechanic Blues
  • Company C - Portland Light Guards
  • Company D - Portland Rifle Corps
  • Company E - Portland Rifle Guards
  • Company F - Lewiston Light Infantry
  • Company G - Norway Light Infantry
  • Company H - Auburn Artillery
  • Company I - Portland Rifle Guards
  • Company K - Lewiston Zouaves


  • No Battles - Defense of Washington, D.C.

Records Common to All Regiments

  • Civil War Correspondence
  • Civil War Index for Soldiers and Sailors
  • Civil War Muster Rolls
  • Civil War Obituaries
  • Civil War Photos (Mostly Officers)
  • Cemetery Index
  • General Law Pension
  • Graves Registration Cards

Records Unique to the First Regiment

  • Muster In and Descriptive Rolls, 1861 - Box 148
  • Hospital Returns, 1863 (includes the 10th & 29th)
  • Post War Post Office Addresses
  • Single Muster Out Rolls, list of men
  • Manuscript list of men who later belonged in other units (2 pages)
Notes: While the 1st Maine was a 3 month regiment, many had enlsited for longer or were willing to reenlist and though they wanted to retain their old designation, the men were incorporated into the 10th Maine and later the 29th Maine Infantry.