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Maine State Parks Passport Program adds new High-Tech Geocaching GeoTour

May 17, 2013
Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry

AUGUSTA – The Maine State Parks Passport collaborative project is back for 2013 with a new way to explore Maine State Parks and historic sites. Beginning May 18, the Maine State Parks Passport will include a new high-tech Geocaching GeoTour. Geocaching enthusiasts and park patrons interested in learning about this high-tech treasure hunting game that is played throughout the world. Participants will also have the opportunity to win valuable prizes.

“Maine State Parks are finding new ways to create memorable experiences for residents and visitors alike,” said Maine Governor Paul R. LePage. “The Maine State Parks Passport collaborative project also highlights how Maine businesses benefit from and support our natural resource economy by helping sponsor events and activities like this.”

Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Commissioner Walt Whitcomb highlighted the success of the Maine State Parks Passport project and its ability to promote new connections with visitors to Maine State Parks. “If your interest, like mine, is to see all our State Parks, the Passport project allows visitors to collect stamps at up to 48 State Parks and historic sites and receive rewards,” said Whitcomb. “Adding Geocaching (and a contest) to this project further enhances the quality of the experience. Exploring Maine has never been more fun.”

Background information of the Passport Program:

The Maine State Parks Passport is a collaborative project that was conceived in 2010 by the Maine Division of Parks and Public Lands to commemorate Maine State Parks 75th anniversary as fun way to encourage more people to visit Maine state parks and historic sites. The project involves giving children and adults a “parks passport” free of charge, available at participating parks and historic sites. This year, 40,000 have been printed for distribution with help from the various sponsors and at no additional cost to the state. There are 12 partners and sponsors, including the DPPL.

The passport contains a descriptive page for each of Maine’s 48 state parks and historic sites, with sections for a stamp, plus additional information about the Maine state parks system and the passport sponsors.

Passport participants go to each state park, open the passport station and then stamp their passports with a distinctive stamp for each park. As they accumulate stamps, participants can win park-related prizes, such as a park patch and a water bottle up to a free season vehicle pass for completing the passport.

Maine State Parks GeoChallenge 2013:

The Maine State Parks GeoTour starts May 18 and goes until September 3, 2013. Those who complete the tour have a chance to win one of 20 fantastic prizes, including a canoe, GPS units, collectable GeoCoins and more. A series of geocaches are hidden in a unique location at eight Maine State Parks and Historic Sites:

Allagash Wilderness Waterway, Aroostook State Park, Cobscook Bay State Park, Colburn House State Historic Site, Colonial Pemaquid State Historic Site, Mount Blue State Park, Vaughan Woods Memorial State Park, Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park

Maine families and tourists become adventurers searching for these geocaches (cleverly hidden containers that hold a logbook, small trinkets for trade, and one unique first-to-find Maine State Parks collectable geocoin in each cache) using a GPS device or the Geocaching app for the iPhone, Android or Windows Phone. Geocaching is an exciting activity that combines the outdoors, exercise, technology, and fun. The series of geocaches in our Geocaching GeoTour helps visitors discover Maine State Parks and Historic Sites by conveying a historical story, revealing hidden vantage points, and bringing them to scenic locations.

Maine State Parks GeoChallenge 2013 Contest

Those willing to take exploring Maine State Parks to a higher level are invited to participate in the Maine State Parks GeoTour and the 2013 Geo Challenge! Geocaching is an outdoor adventure game similar to a treasure hunt, but is played with a GPS device. The GeoTour will enhance visits to Maine state parks and historic sites for years to come, but the GeoChallenge is a special contest for 2013 only. The object is to locate containers (called caches) hidden at eight specified parks, then obtain a Geocache Passport stamp. There are over two million geocaches around the world, and now with the 2013 Maine State Parks GeoChallenge you might “CACHE IN AND WIN”!

Sponsors and Partners: The complete list of Maine State Parks Passport partners and sponsors is:

Delorme Friends of Fort Knox Friends of Maine State Parks Geocaching.com Kittery Trading Post Let’s Go 5210 L.L. Bean Maine Division of Parks and Public Lands Maine Office of Tourism Old Town Canoe and Kayak Poland Spring Water Co. / Nestle Waters Wicked Joe Coffee

For more information on the Maine State Parks GeoTour and the 2013 Geo Challenge, go to: http://www.parksandlands.com or http://www.geocaching.com/adventures/geotours/maine-state-parks to download the gps coordinates of all eight new official Maine State Parks geocaches to your gps unit or smartphone and begin your adventure to find all eight geocaches.

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