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LUPC to Hold Public Meeting Regarding the Recently Approved Fish River Lakes Concept Plan

September 12, 2019
Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry

Augusta, ME - The Maine Land Use Planning Commission (LUPC) staff will hold an open house and public meeting regarding the Fish River Chain of Lakes Concept Plan.

When: September 25, 2019; Open House 6-6:30 pm; Public Meeting 6:30 pm

Where: Caribou Inn and Convention Center, 19 Main Street, Caribou, Maine

Purpose: To update the public on the recent approval of the Fish River Chain of Lakes Concept Plan, to describe next steps, and to answer questions.

The event will start with an open house, where attendees may ask questions and learn more about the concept plan. Then, the public meeting will include a brief presentation by the LUPC staff summarizing the concept plan, which will be followed by an opportunity for the public to ask questions.

These sessions should be most helpful for: existing leaseholders, real estate professionals and others interested in real estate transactions, individuals and organizations interested in development opportunities in Aroostook County, and individuals interested in the implementation of the conservation and public access provisions of the plan. The meeting will be conducted by the LUPC staff and attended by representatives of the Forest Society of Maine (holder of the anticipated conservation easement).

For more information contact: Jim Britt, DACF Communications Director, (207) 287-3156.


ABOUT LUPC The LUPC has the responsibility of serving the unorganized and deorganized areas of Maine and helping guide land use across its 10.4 million acres, the largest contiguous undeveloped area in the northeast.

The LUPC serves as the planning and zoning authority for the unorganized and deorganized areas of the State, including townships and plantations. These areas either have no local government or have chosen not to administer land use controls at the local level.

Along with carrying out its planning and zoning responsibilities, the LUPC issues permits for smaller development projects, such as home construction and camp renovations. For larger development projects requiring Department of Environmental Protection review under the Site Location of Development Law, the LUPC certifies that proposed land uses are allowed and that proposed development activities comply with applicable LUPC land use standards. The Legislature created the Commission to extend principles of sound planning, zoning, and development to the unorganized and deorganized areas of the State. To learn more visit https://www.maine.gov/dacf/lupc/.