Mega-Regional Art Workshops

Published: December 20, 2012

MLTI has partnered with The Maine Arts Assessment Initiative (MAAI) to offer all-day Mega-Regional workshops. Over 36 sessions will be offered at the four locations; Farmington, Portland, Ellsworth, and Presque Isle. These are FREE all day arts education workshops for elementary, middle, high school, and higher ed educators.

The workshops are provided FREE and contact hours are available. Workshop facilitators are the MAAI teacher leaders (phase 1 and 2) and MLTI technology integrators. At least one workshop included at each location will have an integrated co-facilitated session that connects at least one arts discipline and technology. Technology sessions are included as well. All participants must pre-register. Join us for this unique opportunity!

These workshops are in response to the feedback from arts educators requesting more professional development opportunities. Along with the integrated sessions that MAAI and MLTI are offering, stand alone technology sessions are available.

The workshops are being presented by the phase 1 and 2 MAAI teacher leaders and the MLTI technology integrators. Each participant can select two 1-hour morning workshops and one 2-hour afternoon MLTI session. You will need to bring a computer that has the MLTI image.

The Mega-Regional Workshops
• Monday, January 14, 8:00 to 3:30, University of Maine at Farmington
• Friday, March 1, 8:00 to 3:30, University of Southern Maine, Portland
• Friday, March 22, 8:00 to 3:30, Presque Isle High School, Presque Isle
• Friday, March 29, 8:00 to 3:30, Ellsworth High School, Ellsworth

Please visit the website to learn more and to register for one or more of the workshop sessions.

In addition to the Mega-Regional workshops there are also 10 more Regional workshops being offered! These are also FREE and contact hours are being offered. Workshop descriptions are located here.

Please contact Argy Nestor with any questions regarding these events.

Thank you
The MLTI Team