2007 Updates to Maine Labor Laws Bookmark and Share

September 27, 2007

The following includes highlights of recent labor law changes enacted during the first session of the 123rd Maine Legislature.

Note: This information is just an overview of select legislation. For more detailed information on these new laws, click the link provided to take you to the full text of the public law.

Training / Education

Public Law Ch 352

Unemployment Eligibility and Unemployment Taxes

Public Law Ch 352

Minimum wage and overtime for certain domestic workers

Public Law Ch. 22

Military leave

Public Law Ch. 388

Family and Medical Leave Laws

Public Law Ch 261

Public Law Ch 233

Severance Pay Law

Public Law Ch 333

Substance Abuse Testing

Public Law Ch 339

Work Uniforms and Tools of the Trade

Public Law Ch 357

Labor Laws at Automobile Dealerships

Public Law Ch 360

Tips for Payment of Service Employees

Public Law Ch. 367