InforME Board Meeting June 24, 2010

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Time: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Location: Cross State Office Building, Room 105, Augusta


I. Adoption of April Minutes – 5 mins.

II. Services and Fees – 55 mins.

  • DPS/BABLO Seller & Server Training (VOTE)
    Prioritization, SOW, Schedule A
    New service to provide online training and certification. End user pays the fees.
  • DMR Saltwater Fishing Registry (VOTE)
    Prioritization, SOW, Schedule A
    New service for online registration/payment for recreational saltwater fishing.
  • DHHS Benefits Portal Phase I (VOTE)
    Prioritization, SOW, Schedule A
    New service to provide one-stop online eligibility screening and application for benefits.
  • PayPort Additions & Changes (VOTE)
    SOW and Schedule A for each town
    New towns: St Albans, Raymond, Littleton Changes to Fees: Manchester, Buxton, Harpswell, Bath Water District
  • Portland Parking Tickets fee change (VOTE)
    Schedule A
    Changes the fee structure so that the portal account is used, the portal covers merchant fees, and the portal fee is paid by the customer.
  • Judicial: Court Fine Payments IVR (No Vote Required)
    New IVR (telephone) version of the court fine payments service.
  • Conservation: Campground Reservations (VOTE)
    Prioritization, Resource Statement
    Re-work database/coding in preparation for next season.

III. Break – 5 mins.

IV. Free Service Requests – 15 mins.

  • CEC: Absentee Ballot Request Service Changes (VOTE)
    Changes in preparation for November election.
  • Free Services Queue

V. General Manager’s Quarterly Report (from April meeting) – 15 mins.

VI. Bulk Data Update – 15 mins.

VII. Strategic Plan Update – 5 mins. Review status/progress and next steps.

VIII. Statute Changes – 15 mins. Review status and next steps.

IX. Other Business – 10 mins.

  • Changes in Board Membership & Chair
  • Time and Materials Report

X. Next Meeting Dates

  • July 22, 2010
  • August 26, 2010


June 2010 Meeting Minutes (RTF)

Additional Documents (if any):