InforME Board Meeting October 8, 1998

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I. Welcome & Introductions - Secretary of State Dan Gwadosky, Chair

II. Legislative History of InforME - Commissioner Janet Waldron, Acting Chair of the Information Services Policy Board

III. Overview of InforME & Live Gateway Demonstration - Secretary of State Dan Gwadosky, Chair

IV. Explanation of State of Maine Request for Proposal (RFP) Process - Bob Mayer, Chief Information Officer

V. RFP Matrix of Other States and Draft InforME RFP - Mary Cloutier, Bureau of Information Services

VI. InforME Internet Site - Bob Mayer, Chief Information Officer

VII. Next Meeting: Agenda, Date & Time

Suggestions for Next Agenda:

  • in depth RFP discussion/walk through
  • finalize/approve RFP
  • establish a proposal review process:
    • subcommittee (include staff) to review bids & rank if necessary
    • arrange bidder presentations to the Board (top 3 to 5 or all if just a few bidders)
    • board members to score bids or confirm/adjust scores of subcommittee to select successful bidder


October 8 1998 Meeting Minutes (HTML)

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