InforME Board Meeting October 27, 2011

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Time: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Location: 19 Union Street, Room 110, Augusta


I. Adoption of September Minutes – 5 mins.

II. Service Agreements/Prioritizations – 20 mins.

  • DHHS Benefits Portal Phase 1 Enhancements (VOTE)
  • MRS Real Estate Transfer Tax Enhancements (VOTE)
  • HireME Enhancements (tabled from September) (VOTE)

III. Customer-Facing Pricing Presentation – 15 mins.

IV. Break – 5 mins.

V. Bulk Data Comments – 15 mins.

VI. Strategic Plan Goal 1 – 30 mins.

  • Fee Services
  • Free Services

VII. General Manager’s Report – 3rd Quarter – 15 mins.

VIII. Other Business – 10 mins.

  • Partisan postings on
  • Time and Materials Report

IX. Next Meeting Dates

  • November – no meeting
  • December 8


October 2011 Meeting Minutes (RTF)

Additional Documents (if any):