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MDIF&W Sets Controlled Moose Hunt for Eastern Aroostook County

May 26, 2011


284 State St., SHS 41, Augusta, ME 04333
Public: Main Number: 287-8000

Media: For more information, contact MDIF&W spokesperson Deborah Turcotte at (207) 592-1164

Controlled Moose Hunt Set for Eastern Aroostook County

AUGUSTA – For the third consecutive year, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife will be conducting a controlled moose hunt in Aroostook County. The controlled hunt is in response to farmers’ concerns about crop depredation and to address concerns about high incidences of moose/vehicle collisions along Routes 1 and 161.

This is not a recreational hunt, but rather a targeted and focused effort to effectively manage moose in an area that has limited access or non-traditional habitat that typically would not attract recreational hunters, such as an agricultural-woodland mix.

The controlled hunt will take place from August 15 through September 24, 2011.

MDIF&W will issue 100 permits to eligible landowners and guides, with up to 60 percent of the permits being issued to landowners and up to 30 percent to Registered Maine Guides. Ten permits will be allocated to disabled veterans. Landowners who received a controlled moose hunt permit in 2010 and guides who won a permit in 2009 and 2010 are not eligible for this year’s controlled hunt. For additional eligibility requirements and information, please visit our website at

Online applications are due by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, June 17. Visit and select “2011 Aroostook County Controlled Moose Hunt” to enter. There is no application charge. If selected, permit fees are $52 for residents and $484 for nonresidents.

Disabled veterans permits will be issued in cooperation with the Maine Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management Bureau of Veteran’s Services, which provides logistical support to selected veterans. Interested disabled veterans are asked to contact Peter Ogden at 626-4464.

A random chance drawing will take place on June 22. The winners’ names will be posted on MDIF&W’s website. Selections are final. Winners must be available to attend informational meetings in late July.

In 2009, the first year of the controlled moose hunt, 100 permits were allocated and hunters had an 81 percent success rate. Last year, 100 permits were allocated and hunters experienced a 64 percent success rate.

The moose taken under these permits are in addition to the statewide bag limit. Permits issued under this controlled hunt are exempt from the provisions of the moose permit point system of the recreational moose hunt. A person who receives a controlled moose hunting permit is exempt from the two-year eligibility requirement of the recreational moose hunt. All other fees, laws and rules relating to moose hunting will apply to this controlled moose hunt.

Additional information about the controlled moose hunt is available on MDIF&W’s website or call (207) 287-8000.