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MDIF&W to Begin Aerial (Helicopter) Survey for Deer

December 7, 2010

MAINE DEPARTMENT OF INLAND FISHERIES & WILDLIFE 284 State St., SHS 41, Augusta, ME 04333 Main Number: (207) 287-8000

MEDIA: For more information, call IF&W Spokeswoman Deborah Turcotte at (207) 287-2008 or (207) 592-1164

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife in collaboration with the Maine Forest Service will be conducting aerial helicopter surveys to count deer in central and southern Wildlife Management Districts in December and January.

The surveys will provide MDIF&W with estimates of deer abundance in central and southern Maine and be used for managing Maine’s deer herd.

These aerial surveys will involve low-level flying – approximately 200 feet off the ground -- along designated transects beginning tomorrow, December 8. The surveys will start in the southern Somerset County and parts of western Penobscot County.

The aerial surveys will take place when snow conditions are sufficient to cover the ground and wind speeds are low.