Governor vetoes Rep. Handys bill to promote mental health treatment and intervention

April 26, 2018

Rep. Jim Handy

AUGUSTA Despite widespread calls to improve our mental health system, Governor Paul LePage vetoed a bill from Rep. Jim Handy, D-Lewiston, to address the states lack of mental healthcare coverage. The bill is aimed at identifying and preventing violence made worse by untreated mental health challenges in Maine.

The governor has turned his back on educators, communities and especially our children, said Handy. This goes well beyond preventing suicide. It gets to the heart of what the people are calling for: more resources for identifying people who are in crisis and might do harm to our students, teachers and staff.

LD 1866, An Act To Increase Youth Mental Health Awareness in Schools, would create a mental health awareness program similar to the National Alliance of Mental Illness Ending the Silence. It was unanimously enacted by both the House and Senate.

The Legislature will attempt to override the veto when it meets Wednesday, May 2 to consider vetoed bills.


Lindsay Crete [Handy], c. 231-1442